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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book signings- Don't surround yourself with books!

I went to a marketing class a few months ago and met a few published authors. I asked one of them how her book signings were going and she said that they were going very well. Since book signings have not been my forte as of yet, I was interested in her successful methods. She let me in on an interesting secret. “Go to places where you are not surrounded by books.” What a concept! She went to a winery, another author friend of mine suggested a bakery and the list just goes on from there. What a wonderful idea. It was at least worth some investigating.

I live in a small town that does not really pride itself in promoting local authors. I suspect there aren’t many, so I have been branching out to cities close by. Greenville, probably the closest city, was where I went first. There is a winery out there called The Blue Armadillo and ironically the owner’s name is Friendlee. If any of you have ever seen the television show Cheers, this place is the Cheers of Greenville. The customers all seem to know each other and are as warm as a Texas summer day. Then the strangest thing happened. I sold some books. People were actually buying books. I didn’t have to solicit or run over to people and ask them if this was their genre, they came up to me, sat down and started to chat. I hope to be back soon, and not just to do a signing. Apparently they have comedy nights and music from time to time. So until I become a household name, where every body knows my name at the local book store, I’m going to have to agree with my author friend from the marketing class: “Don’t surround yourself with books.” I would love to hear your book signings stories. Any new good ideas? I'm listening...

For more information on The Blue Armadillo go to http://www.Bluearmadillowinery.com


  1. This makes a lot of sense. I'm hoping to do a signing at my local Panera Bread in the fall, so I'll let you know if this method works for me as well. I'm glad you sold a lot of book!

  2. That is really cool to know! I've been wondering what to do when my book comes out in "print" as far as a signing - and this has definitely opened my eyes to a whole new way of marketing. Thanks for sharing Judy.

  3. My book (recently acquired) won't be out till Jan/Feb 2013, so I have to learn from you about cool new places to do events. I must say I am looking forward to visiting bookstores, since they're some of my favorite places to be, but as my novel takes places in winter, now I'm thinking, ski lodges, hiking clubs...

    Great post and I hope all your events are filled!

  4. Other than book stores - great idea!

  5. I just had my first book signing this weekend. It was at a local cafe and I sold a dozen books. There is a coffee shop next to my office that I am in negotiations with to do a signing as well. One of the ideas I have with them is to advertise a little and split the costs of a $5 gift card with them for anyone who comes and buys my book.

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments and interesting perspectives. Kelly, the bakery didn't do well for me out here. I sold one book, gave out a lot of flyers but didn't see any number hikes. Unfortunately in my town, the business owners don't really help out. But... I am now thinking that SBJones has a great idea. I tried a Starbucks but they said no, however, I am thinking that maybe if I try an independent place, and offer them something for allowing me to hold the signing there, this could work. Loving the gift card idea.
    I have thought about gyms in outlying areas, Jenny. You have some great ideas there too! Please feel free to continue to share your good ideas. always trying to think outside the box.