Easter's Lilly

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Switching Genres. Is it a good idea?

New Genre

I just started writing a new genre. Well, that’s not entirely true. I wrote a young adult novel, which was certainly new to me and I must admit that it was seriously difficult. But my latest endeavor is very different from my usual crime/soap opera/drama storyline. This one is a paranormal romance. I loved the freedom of being creative and having fewer facts to check. But I must admit that whenever you switch from something familiar, it’s always a challenge.

I have to say without a doubt that since Easter’s Lilly was my first novel and series, Lilly will always be my literary first love. I felt a little like I was betraying her when I discovered a new character and began to follow her down the yellow brick road. At first it was difficult leaving Lilly behind, but after a while, my new character began to grow on me. I am still writing my Lilly books and plan on doing that for many years to come but my new character certainly has depth and strength that is new to me. She is strong yet vulnerable and ever growing in maturity. Although the change of genre was a trial, I truly believe that romance is romance. Whether it is crime drama or paranormal or even young adult, love is still love. People meet their challenges and face them somehow together. So, I feel bold enough to say that if you’re writing romance you’re in good company, whatever kind of romance it is. Everybody loves… everybody gets hurt and sometimes there’s a happy ending. (Unless there’s a cliffhanger, of course).

Do you write the same genre all the time or are you versatile? I want to know your story.

“Don't classify me, read me. I'm a writer, not a genre.”