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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Author Karli Rush says, “Write your story, your way…”

Indie Author Karli Rush was kind enough to take the time to speak with us today about her career as a writer.
Thanks so much for being here today, Karli. How long did it take you to publish your first novel?
Once I got to the point in my life where I said, “Okay, I'm going to truly write,” it was more of a challenge to find out when. You see, I have a son with autism. He’s a beautiful, vibrant, and very energetic eleven year old. I do therapy with him during the day, and my husband works nights, so the only time I found free was after the house quieted down and everyone went to sleep. Then, and only then could I find my writer’s voice. I became a nocturnal creature and found a secret lover in coffee. Shhh, don’t tell my husband. He thinks coffee is just a friend. A twelve month love affair later, and I had my first novel. 'Crescent Bound' was complete, but I knew the story wasn’t done. It was only the tip of my iceberg. Since that start I have conceived five other novels and two novellas into my collection and there’s still a lot more to come.
We are glad to hear that you found the time to write. What is your latest project?
I love Marc from ‘Crescent Bound’ and I had received numerous emails regarding Marcus. Who was he before the witch world collided with his own? How did he know the things that he seemingly and instinctively knew? So, I wanted the readers/fans to see his point of view from ‘Crescent Bound.’ And once I announced the book was in the works everyone, including myself, has anticipated the release. So, that's my current project. Marc's story, Ice Bound. Here is the blurb for the book due out later this year.
Ice Bound - Marcus Colten is living the perfect life, high school football star and dating the head cheerleader. He is popular, skilled in athletics and from a wealthy family. The football team he quarterbacks for just won their first district championship.
Marc doesn't show it, but he is being haunted. Orphaned at the early age of two, he has ghostly memories of a past that makes his flawless model life feel out of place. And then there are the illusive dreams. Visions of someone that relentlessly possess his nights. What does it all mean? Where will it all lead? This time, he’s not the one that is at the top of the game.
In this final installment of ‘The Crescent Bound Series,’ you will find new things which directly tie into ‘Crescent Bound’ in a way that enhances the story even more. I also introduce a side character that may be spun off into an anthology. If things go as planned, that story will be coming out around November of this year.
That sounds like an exciting story. Have you ever thought about using a traditional publisher?
I would love for one to ring me and offer a big juicy signing bonus, but then don’t we all. I’m really considering it in a trial basis, but I sure enjoy being the boss. To create the words to a story and to design the covers is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Just ask my husband. I guess that’s why I love self-publishing so much.
I see that you really love self-publishing because it gives you so much freedom. What do you think about self-publishing in today’s market?
Well, first off, I think it’s absolutely fantastic. It offers so many opportunities to writers like myself. I have also seen some very successful New York Times Best Sellers diving into the self-publishing world too. I think it even gives traditional publishers great access to great writers; let them do some courting for a change. Yes, I’m a definite fan and I think it’s here to stay.
I can see that the future of publishing is certainly changing especially with all the technology available today. How does social networking benefit your career?
Tremendously, being able to have any reader look me up and send me a message puts me on the front lines like never before. Full access to an author through social media is the best invention since the cell phone. In fact, reach out to me anytime and here’s how.
And that’s not all but I had to stop. It’s a cyber jungle out there.
Wow! That is a lot of sites. Social networking can certainly put an author on the map. What would you say is your best form or advertising?
Word of mouth. I just love hearing someone say they told a friend about one of my books. Word of mouth is free and the absolute best form of advertising ever! So, how about telling a friend?
I understand that there is a story behind ‘The Crescent Bound Series.’ Can you tell us a little something about your experiences that lead you to this storyline?
Yes, the feel of ‘Crescent Bound’ began taking shape when a friend and I visited a haunted hotel, called the Crescent Hotel. It’s located in a very small town called Eureka Springs, Arkansas. While touring this hotel, I actually saw an apparition. It was my first touch with the paranormal first hand. I became interested and more aware of my world around me. The town took a hold of me. Everything in this small, quaint little town is quite unique and diverse and filled with mysticism. Like the narrow obscure alleyways with only a sign hanging overhead, words scrawled out, Tarot Card Readings inside. Every nook and cranny has something to offer, whether it be handcrafted jewelry, natural crystal shops, or homemade soaps. And just like in ‘Crescent Bound,’ there is an existence of magic there waiting if you’re only willing to see it. I think this is what opened up a whole new perception of how I saw things and this is when the dreams started. These dreams weren’t like my typical dream. They were more vivid in color, not black and white and recurring. Each night I could re-enter a dream from the previous night and pick back up right where I had left off. It was as if Alyssa, Marc, Lisa, and Megan all had a story to tell and they were not going to simply fade away and this is how the birth of ‘Crescent Bound’ came to be.
That is a wonderful story. I’m sure your readers would love to know, who is your favorite character?
My favorite female character is Megan; she’s a wild child and a blast to write about. This girl is beyond the words of timid and discreet. She is a free loving, definitely open-minded kind of woman and naughty in the most playful sort of way. She is mischief personified My favorite male character is Marc. He will forever hold that special place in my heart; I guess you could say he’s my first. My first male character that is. He’s an unstoppable force, who loves passionately and eternally. What more of a man could a woman want?
I get attached to my characters too. I sit down at my Mac and let my characters take me for a ride. What is your writing ritual? Do you outline your books or do you just sit down and write?
Write. I have very specific visions of each scene for my books. I really know no other way to bring out my stories. They’re all caged inside my head like wild animals fighting to speak to me. Sometimes I have to push one aside that is trying to surface and tranquilize it for a moment and write them as they come.
Is there a writer who has influenced your career? What is your very favorite book?
There are several authors who influenced me, but one in particular is Cate Tiernan. Cate is one of those authors that weaves her stories together like an intricate tapestry. She is funny, witty, attention grabbing, and she teaches pieces of truth in her tales. She’s the first author that introduced me to witch stories. ‘Sweep,’ it’s a series and a must read. My favorite book is ‘Bag of Bones’ by Stephen King. I have never come across a book that brings everything I love together into one story as well as this one does. Paranormal, romance, mystery, suspense, and horror all combined by an expert such as Stephen King.
It sounds like you follow the heavy hitters. It is always good to follow successful authors so that we can learn from them. Do you have any advice for up and coming authors?
I do. Don’t be in a big rush, take your time. Writing is something like a marathon race. Pace yourself. And don’t get discouraged, we’ve all been through bouts with self-doubt, but never, ever let that or anyone else take what you believe in away. Write your story, your way, and know that if you’re doing something that you truly love, then you’re doing something right for you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Writer's Blog: Giveaway | Promises In The Dark by Princess Racena...

Writer's Blog: Giveaway | Promises In The Dark by Princess Racena...: Book Title: Promises In The Dark Series: Secrets of the Mystic Author: Princess Racena McConell Genre:  Paranormal Romance Rel...

Giveaway | Promises In The Dark by Princess Racena McConnell @PrmTjm1981

Book Title: Promises In The Dark
Series: Secrets of the Mystic
Author: Princess Racena McConell
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Released:  November 17, 2013
Length:  345 Pages Print
Presented by: As You Wish Tours

What began as a casual dinner with friends quickly blossoms into a beautiful friendship for Rachel Adams and Derek Williamson. In time, it will develop into something much greater than either could have ever imagined. The pair have each had their share of tragedy and heartbreak that time has yet to heal. As their friendship evolves into something much more, Rachel begins to open up to the man she has fallen in love with about secrets that have consumed her life for so long.

Just when life seems to be opening up possibilities for the two of them, inexplicable and unsettling things start to happen. When these mysterious occurrences begin to invade their happiness, they are faced with the reality that they must find the truth about what haunts them. Will they survive as they uncover some of these long-kept secrets? Will the mystical forces that linked the lovers together so long ago be the same to destroy them in the end?

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Princess Racena McConnell( who has never and will never go by her first name) was born in Kings Mountain NC and now resides in the busy little town of Summerville SC with her husband of 32 years. She is the mother of 3 and grandmother to 4 with a 5th one on the way! "Promises In The Dark"; her debut novel—is part 1 of a story that has been in her mind for many years, and finally had to be told! She enjoys spending time with her family, and is so thankful they all live within 20 minutes! She also enjoys reading, writing and anything horror related. Her dream is to someday see her books splashed across silver screen!

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