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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lucky Dog Books book benefit, “It Takes a Book,” and sometimes a village

Dallas, Texas has so much to offer. Besides the beautiful landscapes, skyscrapers, restaurants, clubs and museums to enjoy, we also have the best people in the world. Dallas is known for its warm welcome, kind smiles, and southern style. But that’s not all Dallas is known for. Offering out its hands to those who are in need is something of which Dallas should be widely proud.
Well-known authors, Jenny Milchman, Earl Staggs and Shalanna Collins will be at Lucky Dog Books April 28, from 1:00 p.m. until 3 p.m. to benefit a fellow author and his family in their time of need. Medical bills have become overwhelming, and this group of writers say that sometimes, it takes a village. They are opening up their hearts as Lucky Dog Books opens up its doors to the community for this very special event. Lucky Dog Books is located at 10801 Garland Road, Dallas, Texas, 75218. The number for more information is (214) 827- 4860. This opportunity offers, food, fun and great conversation with these fantastic authors. Don’t forget to check out all the fabulous books that will available for you to enjoy. Your hard earned dollars will be going to a very good cause. So, don’t miss out and remember, sometimes it takes a village.

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Jenny Milchman author of ‘Cover of Snow.’
Earl Staggs author of ‘Memory of a Murder,’ and ‘Justified Action.’
Shalanna Collins author of ‘Nice Work,’ and ‘Murder by the Marfa Lights.’

Sunday, April 14, 2013

‘Thoughtless’ by S.C. Stephens will leave you breathless

Book description:
Kiera’s first and only love, Denny, gets a job in a new city, far away from Keira’s home. Being that they are totally devoted to each other and have been for the past 2 years, she follows him out there, where they move in with Denny’s long-time friend, Kellan Kyle. Kellan is a local rock star with a well-known reputation as a womanizer.
Kiera finds herself a job in the bar where Kellan works and all seems like it is going smoothly until the unforeseeable happens. Denny is temporarily moved to a job in Tucson, leaving Kiera by herself, alone with Kellan Kyle. At first their friendship is innocent and heartening, but when Denny calls Keira with the news that he won’t be coming back, she finds herself looking for comfort in Kellan’s arms. Denny returns to make things right but is it too late for them? What will this do to Kellan?
My review:
'Thoughtless' is certainly a page-turner. Because I am also an author, I can’t really complain about the attractiveness of the main character’s personality. It reminded me of my own series, as the heroine simply could not make up her mind between the two heroes. It was painful to read as she hurt them both over and over again with what appeared to be very little remorse. Kellan broke my heart. Coming from a place of complete and utter detachment, he opened up to her in ways that frightened even himself.
Although the outcome was certainly predictable, the anticipation to reach the conclusion was overwhelming. I took the book with me everywhere I went, unable to put it down and stop reading. The chemistry between the characters was very well written. I could see the whole book playing inside my head like a movie. I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars and have already started reading book two of the series, 'Effortless.' This is actually a trilogy but I didn’t buy all three just yet. I loved 'Crash' by Nichole Williams, but didn’t love the second book, 'Clash.' So, I will be taking it one book at a time this time. I will let you know how I rated it in May.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

'Gravitational Pull' by Marissa Carmel, will cerainly pull you in her direction

Marissa Carmel has been kind enough to meet with us and tell us about her latest novel, ‘Gravitational Pull,’ which was just released today.
Tell us the title of your book and a brief description of what the book is about.'Gravitational Pull' is the sequel to 'iFeel.' It is about an empathy, (someone who can feel the emotions of others), Liv, who discovers her new powers, and finds out about her ancient bloodline. In the meantime, while all of this is going on, she is dealing with the newlove in her life, an angel named Justice. It’s a new adult paranormal series, so the themes are more mature than young adult, but there is still intense emotion, suspense and humor.
That sounds exciting. Is this your debut novel or do you have previous works? I have one previous work; it is book one in the ‘Vis Vires Trilogy,' called ‘iFeel.’
What are you working on now? Presently, I’m working on a spin off novella of the 'Vis Vires Trilogy' from Justice’s point of view. It will give more of a back-story to the seraphs.
Do you have any writing rituals? I only have a few writing rituals to speak of. Coffee, music and cracking my knuckles.
Do you have a muse? Is there someone special who inspires your craft? I think I have a lot of muses. The people in my life are so rich in character that it’s easy to draw inspiration from them. My editor also inspires me. He’s where the novella idea came from.
How does the social media influence your writing? Is it a hindrance or a blessing? Both. Sometimes I can’t pull myself away from networking or promoting, but on the flip side I meet so many wonderful people. I guess it depends on the day.
Are you a plotter or a pantser? How long does it take you to write a book? I think a little bit of both. I try to write a synopsis before I start the official work. I write an outline also, but I allow for changes. I think the combination makes for the most interesting plot twists.
Sounds to me like you are more of a planner. I wish I could plan, even a little. Personally, I am a pantser. My characters do all the planning for me. What is the hardest part about the writing process for you? The hardest part about the writing process for me is editing and time management. I prefer the creative side of my craft.
Yes, editing can take up quite a bit of a writer’s time. Thanks so much for telling my readers about your new release. Please tell us where they can find more information on you and your books. All my links are here. My Pinterest page is my favorite. I love visuals.
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