Easter's Lilly

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Echoes at Dawn by Maya Banks, a Nonstop Page Turner

Book Summary:

Grace Peterson is cursed with paranormal abilities. She and her sister share psychic abilities, but Grace is special. Grace has the ability to heal. The only setback is that when she heals, she takes on the ailment or injury of the affected party. Grace has escaped from her captors and is in hiding from a black ops group, looking to take her for her healing powers.

In walks Rio, a member of the KGI. After discussing her predicament with the Kelly brothers, the men who run the KGI, he decides that he needs to be the one to bring Grace home. He feels drawn to her somehow. Once he meets Grace, he is unprepared for the gravity of his feelings for her, and when things get out of hand, he can’t see past getting her back by whatever means necessary.

My Review:

It goes without saying that the Kelly brothers and their friends are the definition of the Alpha male. In Echoes at Dawn, Rio goes after Grace with a vengeance, crazy with rage, testosterone just dripping from his pores. Rio comes across Grace as she is in the process of escaping from her captors and saves her life. At that point in Grace’s life, she is weak, and her desire to live is diminishing. Rio puts everything on the line to bring Grace back safely, but things don’t go exactly as planned.

This book was earth shattering. Although it is certainly a romantic suspense by genre, it has the delightful elements of the paranormal. The love story between Grace and Rio is heartwarming and will leave you teary eyed at the end. No matter how busy your schedule may be, this book will take over your will and demand that you finish it. I highly recommend this book for both paranormal romance readers, and romance readers alike. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Miss Maya Banks you have done it again.