Easter's Lilly

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Hair... It's your crown


  • Do. Not. Go. To. This. Place! It is in Quinlan, Texas. I requested Kendall. She has a reputation for doing a great job with color. My son's wedding was a week away, and Kendall was highly recommended. I honestly don't know what happened. Kendall did my hair for 15 minutes and disappeared. She had another client who was apparently more important than I was. The owner came and took over. Keep in mind that I spoke with Kendall about my expectations, not the owner. She had no idea what I wanted. I told Kendall I needed to leave there as a blond, but I left there as a dark brunette with the back of my hair almost black. I expressed my concerns twice during the whole event, but the owner insisted that she knew what she was doing. She trained Kendall, after all. Her hands were super shaky, and at one point she told me she wasn't sure she could finish my hair because of her hands. When she was done, three hours later, my hair was brown. Brown. Then she threatened to call the police if I didn't pay her ... wait for it ... $150. I refused. I did pay $75, although I have no idea why. I am going to have to pay someone, probably $200 to fix this mess. She told me that she was planning on doing my hair from the beginning because Kendall was booked. I had an appointment. I spoke with Kendall two weeks prior, and it was clear that a substitution was not an option. The owner was rude, and unreasonable, and she stole my money. She did offer to put highlights in my hair, but there was no way. She did such a terrible job, and was so rude, why would I trust her? Anyway, she asked me not to review her, but I asked her if she could make me blond, so turnabout is fair play. If she didn't charge me, this review would never have been written. She said she was sure I was going to give her a ... we'll say bad review, so she wanted her money. If there was a lower star than one star, she would get it.

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