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Friday, June 21, 2013

Black Rose Writer, Claudio Tapia, and his debut novel, ‘The Hand of Yemanjá.’

Black Rose Writer, Claudio Tapia, was kind enough to stop by and chat with us today about his new release, ‘The Hand of Yemanjá.’
that I launched it in Amsterdam, where I live.
Obviously, the path to a debut is always a long one. I chucked several manuscripts before I was able to write this one. I have been writing since an early age and gone through spells of obsessive key-crunching ever since I can remember.
I understand that you just got picked up by a literary agency. Tell us about this wonderful news.
Before I started this project, a friend of mine said to me that if I write this story down, it would become a book that is read by all. The story is set in an interesting period in history and talks about the current topic of migration. The Raimondi & Campbell Literary Agency, operating out of London and Milan, now represent me in selling the translation rights around the world. There is little I can really say about the status at this time, but obviously, the Spanish-speaking markets are really interesting for me. I will keep you posted.
Are you a plotter or a pantser? Explain.
I definitely am a pantser, if what you mean is that I don’t often know what I am going to write until it spills unto the page. I think my biggest motivation to write is that I love to read, and I try to write the book I feel is missing on my shelf. I like to be surprised as I write, and if the story is able to move me, I know it will do the same with others.
What writing rituals do you have, if any?
I think I am still trying to discover what rituals are best for me. ‘The Hand of Yemanjá,’ I wrote mostly at night. But the reasons for that were that my kids were smaller at the time, and I was also working fulltime. There wasn’t any other time to write.
At the moment, going for a run in the morning, having my coffee and smoke, my shower, and then sitting down to write for a couple of hours works well.
Are you writing anything new? What are your plans for publication?
I am currently working on two new projects. Both are top secret, as they should be at this stage, but just between the two of us, one of them is the second part of ‘The Hand of Yemanjá.’
As far as publication, I try not to think about that too much. As I said, I want to write something that will be an addition to my own shelf before I distract myself by thinking what my audience might want. The only thing I know, is that when the work is worth reading, it will find its way; the hand of fate thing again, I suppose. Lit-Cinema is also a project I want to continue with. I narrated the first twenty pages of the book and illustrated these recordings with black and white footage, which I was able to pull from different archives. I think the cinematic element fits well with literature and also gives writers the chance to perform their work live on stage.
What hobbies do you enjoy when you are not writing?
I discovered running last year during a mild burnout and it has become meditation for me. It helps me to focus and has become a part of my work mode. Another form of meditation is shutting down the computer at the end of the day, popping open a bottle of wine and disappearing into the kitchen for an hour. I also love to cook.
Please tell my readers how they can get more information on you and your books.
Visit my website, which I try to update as much as I can with developments about the book. Also the entire Lit-Cinema series is on there. I am on Facebook a lot too.
The book is available via:
But also check out:

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