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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So... your 15 year old child is driving...

Don’t scream, don’t scream, don’t scream… yes that is what I was thinking. Don’t get me wrong; my son is a very responsible young man. He gets all A’s in school, picks trustworthy friends, and is most respectful when he speaks with an authority figure. But there is nothing more terrifying than sitting in the passenger’s seat when the person driving is nervous. “Buckle up!” he shouts to us from the front seat. My husband thought it would be great fun to have him drive around the whole family. I was nervous as a cat, grabbing hold of my youngest son’s hand, trying to control my panic. My husband has strict rules. No back seat driving. Easier said than done. And believe me when he backed into the driveway and almost hit the house a STOP slipped through my lips so fast that I wondered myself who it came from. My husband gave me heck for that for days. My son… he laughs it off. Told you, great kid.

He’s much better at it now though. But I won’t lie. When he told me the story about the guy standing by the train tracks, waving his arms around for him to stop and he kept going almost crashing, head-on, into another car, I may have had a minor stroke. 

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