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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Family and Writing

Where is the balance? As writers, unless we're Stephen King or Nora Roberts, we usually have a "day job" or in my case, "another job," which helps pay the bills. Between marketing, editing and trying to find alone time to actually create something worth reading, we can not forget the most important aspect of our lives; our families.  It was yesterday that I realized I hadn't spoken to my son about anything important in two days. I had to put it all aside and just sit and chat. There is nothing I would rather do than spend time with my family but the other "stuff" has to get done too. I'm sure it becomes tiring for my children to see me over the top of my laptop, tapping away feverishly at the keys, unaware that they are even in the room. So, I have a solution. My husband and I have a date night every week. Since I started my new job, Friday nights are not always available so we've decided to pick a night, each week, after I get my schedule. Time to do the same for my children, as far as making sure I give them my time. When they are home, it's all about them. I will do whatever it is I need to do regarding my work, while they are in school, or in bed for the evening. Time to kick my feet up and play a little Scrabble Slam or bake some brownies or whatever else the day has in store. I would love to hear input from other parents in similar situations. It's hard enough to work one job and raise a family. But to add another commitment... well that is something else all together. 

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